Why is technology so hard to use? Or so the saying goes.

With each passing day there are more and more electronic devices, software programs and smartphone Apps being introduced into this world and invariably some will end up in our hands. After discarding the packaging, or running through an installation process, what do we usually do? WE START USING IT!

This means we haven’t taken the time to learn how the new device works, or how the new program operates but instead expect it to run on auto-pilot. This then leads to frustration and in some cases giving up and ultimately blaming the manufacturer for a product that is too hard to use. No wonder most products are used no more than two or three times before they’re discarded, usually to the basement, attic or garage never to be used again.

Don’t get on the highway until you learn to drive

Have you ever wondered what would happen if driver’s education was not offered to teenagers looking forward to driving. There would be accidents at every block, and our insurance premiums would go through the roof! (Okay, more than they already have.)

So why then would we buy an electronic product, or upgrade your favorite software program and then proceed to “get behind the wheel” to start using it without consulting the user’s manual, reading the instructions or getting recommended training?

When in doubt blame the manufacturer

No wonder the manufacturer gets blamed for a product that’s either too difficult to use or one that doesn’t do what it’s advertised to do. It’s because we, the end-users, don’t take the time to familiarize ourselves with the new device or program.

So the next time you’re having trouble with a new product or software program, and before you get on your favorite forum to bash the manufacturer, consult the instructions, take the time to educate yourself, or if all else fails, ask for help.

Don’t toss the instructions, even if they’re in Chinese

I can guarantee you that there’s a lot more satisfaction to master a product or software program than there is to simply blame someone else for your difficulties. Unless of course, the manual is in Chinese, and now we’re back to square one.  Is my RMA here yet?