Earn Your Mistakes

Here’s a short five-step guide on accomplishing the task at hand. Whether it’s big or small, don’t start something unless you’re ready to finish it. And hopefully you’ll fail along the way: how else do you expect to learn from your mistakes?

  1. START, AND STAY THE COURSE. Once you start a project, whatever it is you’ve chosen to do, don’t lose sight of the goal. Just swat the minor failures away like gnats, and keep moving forward. And pay attention to critical junction points, as they will determine whether you’re headed in the right direction or not.
  2. TOP YOUR EFFORT: In other words, always put in one hundred percent, all of the time. This way if you fail, you can at least be proud that you gave it your all. Make this a habit, by the way, and it’ll get easier every time. (To put in 100%, not the fail part.)
  3. EARN YOUR MISTAKES: Take every setback as an opportunity to learn something. It’s your mistake, you earned the right to learn something from it.
  4. VENT IT OUT: Find a mentor you can discuss problems and solutions with. When you find the right person, you’ll see that they’ve already failed so many times that it’s logical they will provide you the best advice.
  5. ENJOY: If you enjoy what you do, all the hard work you put into something makes it that much more gratifying. Enjoy your success!

Now go start and finish something! What are you waiting for?


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