First base is too crowded; excuse me while I go for two!

Ever wonder why people blend in when they’re in a crowd? It’s because they’ve decided to do the same thing everyone else around them is doing. Hence my statement, “First base is too crowded; excuse me while I go for two.”

So just like the baseball player who runs hard to second base knowing there’s a greater chance of getting called out, don’t just play it safe and stay on first base. Make an honest effort to do more than what the average person is doing.

This is also known as going “above and beyond”, which is a common attribute of successful people.

Separate yourself from the crowd!

This is how you separate yourself from the crowd and how you show others you’re willing to try new things and do more than what’s expected. And once you start doing this it’ll become habit-forming and you’ll come to understand when you have a better chance of succeeding and when it’s better to hold back. You don’t want to be reckless with this approach either but rather be smart and maximize your results.

Trying even if you fail will also help you somewhere down the line because you’ll have less to regret. Instead of having thoughts about “I should’ve done this”, or “I should’ve done more”, you’ll know that you put all your effort into a task and that in itself will be a triumph.

So go ahead, next time you want to settle for average, or what you’ve done doesn’t cause you to go “ooh!” and “aah!” put forth an extra effort and go for two.

Where does your work ethic come from?


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